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Which Plan do I Need?

Sovereign Private Health Insurance has two insurance plan options. They are:

  • Private Health only
  • Private Health Plus which includes Specialists and Tests cover and Lifestyle benefits

What are the differences?

The Private Health cover provides for claims due to hospital surgery and hospital bills due to other illness. These include up to $300,000 per year per person for:

  • Surgical costs including surgeon's fees and anaesthetist fees
  • Hospital charges in relation to confinements required for medical illness or surgery

The Private Health Plus allows for claims due to visits to Specialist or Diagnostic Testing if referred by a General Practitioner (GP), without necessarily requiring Hospital treatment. It also provides cover through loyalty benefits designed to support access to routine screening to keep people healthy.

This option, if selected, provides supplementary cover to the lives assured . It incurs additional premiums associated with the increase in benefits. Optionally, no excess applies to these benefits, or you can select a $250 excess to save 20% on the Plus fee. Check Benefits for details of Specialist Consultations and Diagnostic Testing.

See policy wording for further detail.

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