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Cost Analysis

The Quote Calculator below enables you to work out the cost of your chosen medical insurance plan.

 Life 1Life 2
Insurance Plan
Hospital Cover only
Hospital and Plus (Specialists/Tests) with no excess for Plus
Hospital and Plus (Specialists/Tests) with $250 excess for Plus (reducing Plus cost by 20%)
Select excess required for Hospital cover Nil
Number of children under 21
Policy Fee$6.28


Total Cost
per month
or, per fortnight
or, per annum
  • The minimum total premium is $15 per month. (We recommend you consider changing the selected excess to optimise your premium cost).
  • Premiums increase annually on the policy anniversary based on age.
  • Calculation Revision 2014-10-22-0217
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What are the differences in Plans?
Hospital Cover provides for claims due to hospital surgery and hospital bills due to other illness. These include up to $300,000 per year per person for:
  • Surgical costs including surgeon's fees and anaesthetist fees
  • Hospital charges in relation to confinements required for medical illness or surgery

The Plus option allows for claims due to visits to Specialist or Diagnostic Testing if referred by a GP, without necessarily requiring Hospital treatment.

A DISTINCT EXCESS of either $0 or $250 applies to the Plus benefits.

See Benefits for further detail.

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