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Case Studies

The Case studies recorded below are taken from actual claims processed by our staff and paid by Sovereign.

Case Study 1–A speedy return to the golf course

Peter was 62 years old and looking forward to retiring and being able to play more golf and travel with his wife. Most of his working career was with the banking industry and his family had gained their independence and left home.

In April 2004, Peter went to his GP as he was having difficulty passing urine. Blood Diagnostic Testing were taken and he was found to have a PSA level of 6.3. Peter was referred to a urologist, had prostate biopsies taken and recommended brachytherapy as treatment.

Thankfully Peter and Jane had health insurance as they were advised that the cost for treatment would be $22,000. Peter was able to have the treatment, and because he got prior approval the providers were paid directly and he was able to concentrate on a speedy recovery and a return to the golf course.

Case Study 2–Peace of Mind

David aged 45, is divorced with two school-aged children. He went to his GP for a routine medical checkup for his truck driver's licence and was found to have high blood pressure. He was sent to a cardiologist for investigations. Eight months later David started experiencing angina. An angiogram, angioplasty and eventually bypass surgery was required over a period of 18 months. Total claim cost to date has been $60,000.

David has a health insurance policy with a nil excess and he was able to have all his treatment and surgery performed in a private hospital and have 'peace of mind' knowing all costs would be covered and he could concentrate on getting better.

Case Study 3–Shopping accident

Jill had been shopping at the local supermarket and was returning to her car when she was hit by a reversing vehicle, breaking the thigh bones in her left leg. She was taken to the local public hospital by ambulance and spent 10 days there before going home in plaster and crutches. (The $2000 Public Hospital benefit really helped pay some bills). ACC eventually paid.

Unfortunately the bones did not mend correctly and needed to be pinned. She had the choice of going on a waiting list for treatment at the public hospital or arranging an immediate operation at the local private hospital. She chose the latter, which was fully paid by her medical insurance, and returned quickly to work and her regular income.

Other clients we have assisted include:

Male 55. Heart bypass.

Female aged 31. Cervical cancer.

Operations Manager
Male aged 51. Hip replacement.

Aged 1. Cornea implants.