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Get Family Medical Insurance in 3 Easy Steps!

It's as easy as 123 to get health insurance or a hospital plan!

1. Need?–Select the plan required
2. Cost?–Get online quotes and adjust excess to fit your budget
3. Apply!–One simple application for all of the family
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To get the best policy for your needs, we suggest you follow this process:

  1. Select the cover required–Private Health Cover and Private Health Plus–(Which Plan)
  2. Read the Keypoints and Policy wording.
  3. Get the cost–use the Quote Calculator
  4. Adjust the excess to meet your budget–what you can afford
  5. Complete the application form online or print and complete offline
  6. Print, check, sign and mail to NZMedical
  7. Check policy documents and schedules on receipt from Sovereign.

Have a Claim?

Go report a claim- see Claims


Review Regularly

Review your policy regularly to ensure that your policies meet your needs as your situation changes–see Review.

No payments are required or will be deducted until the policy has been underwritten and any Terms or Exclusions included in a Letter of Offer is accepted by you. Under the Consumers Guarantee act you are also entitled to a 15 Day free look.

The application form has been simplified, and premiums reduced to pass administrative savings to you. (See Comparisons).

What happens next?

Your completed and signed application form is passed to Sovereign for their underwriting assessment. Completion and issue can take several weeks depending on the conditions disclosed. You may contact us at any stage to determine progress.

Acceptance, Offers, Decline or Defer

On acceptance you may be offered standard terms (at quoted rates), or exclusions and/or loadings may be offered in an Offer of Terms letter.

A loading is a % added to standard premiums to cover an assessed higher risk. E.g. 50% An exclusion may be for a serious existing condition, such as "Heart and directly or indirectly related conditions" for those who have had a previous and ongoing Heart condition.

Your application may, on rare occasions, be declined or deferred for a period or until certain conditions are met (such as a loss of weight), after which it can be resubmitted.

On acceptance, policy documents and a schedule will be mailed to you. We suggest you keep this in a safe place and quote the policy number whenever you wish to contact us or Sovereign.


NZMedical recommends that you review your family medical insurance or hospital plan needs and policies annually or whenever a major change in circumstances occurs. Examples may be:

  • The birth of a child
  • A child over 21 leaving home
  • A dependent at home reaching 25
  • Marriage or divorce


  1. The birth of a new child can be added to your policy, without a further application if a copy of the birth certificate is received within 90 days.
  2. A second or subsequent child can be added at no additional cost.

Your review could include re-entering your information into the Quote calculator.